Dental Crowns Surprise

Our goal here at the Surprise office is to provide you with dentistry that is permanent, life like restoration of your tooth, by using a high grade porcelain or porcelain “pasted on gold” crowns.  Thus making the appearance as new.

Dental Crowns restoration is an extremely reliable technique for repairing even the most severe of dental problems.  Dr. Vo is renowned for the quality of his work and the positive outlook for our patients using this technique and technology.  Treatments are long lasting, expecting to last 20-30 years, which is as close to permanent as dental treatment can go.



Fittings for a crown takes 2 visits to the office, with the initial visit, we will remove decay, shape the tooth, fill with temporary crown with either plastic or metal.  

Subsequent visit ,you will have the temporary crown removed, then fit and adjusted with the final porcelain crown which will then be “cemented” into place.  


Benefits Of Dental Crowns

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Supports the misshapen teeth or badly broken tooth
  • Looks completely natural
  • Fixes smile and functional chewing problems

Crowns and bridge work are very reliable and a great long term solution for major dental problems caused through accidents, diseases or just plain wear and tear, as well as old filling breaking.  

Porcelain crowns and bridges are suitable in cases where veneers are not, with teeth of a root canal fillings, crowns can prevent damage. Any questions or to make an appointment with Advanced Laser Dentistry’s Surprise office, just give us a call, and we will be happy to help.